Pretty In The Prior

General FAQ's

How to book your appointment?

Book any service online, by email, text message or by phone

What methods of payment are accepted?

Cash, debit  and email money transfers are accepted. Please note a 2.75% processing fee will apply is using Visa, Mastercard, and Amex.

Are gift certificates available?

Gift certificates are available in all denominations or services. They do not have an expiry date.

Service FAQ's

Bio sculpture gel nails

Whats the difference between bio sculpture nail and other gels?

Bio Sculpture is a very different product to other gels and hybrid gel polishes, the main difference being that Bio Sculpture will not cause any damage to the natural nails. Most gel systems on the market cannot be removed without damaging the natural nail. Another difference of our system compared to others on the market is that there is no need for primers or dehydrators in order for the gel to adhere to the natural nail. They last a lot longer than regular nail polish, but are not nearly as long-lasting as Bio Sculpture Gel.  

Whats involved in removing bio sculpture nails?

Bio Sculpture Gel is removed in minutes with a specially formulated Gel Remover solution (10% acetone) designed to remove the Gel, without damaging or dehydrating the natural nail underneath. A small cotton pad soaked in Gel Remover and placed directly over the gel, the fingertip is then wrapped in foil. After approximately 5-10 minutes the gel will peel off the nail, leaving a beautiful healthy nail underneath. Nail Polish can be applied over the Gel for an instant colour change, it can then be removed easily without damaging your Bio Sculpture Gel manicure underneath.

Whats included in a bio sculpture fill?

The product is removed and a new set is completely reapplied. The fee is the same as the first application.

Hair removal

How long should my hair be?

For best results your hair should be at least 1/4 inch for legs.

Will it hurt?

It all depends on your own pain tolerance. The first time is the worst, and after that pain is usually reduced to half or less for maintenance appointments.

How long should I wait between appointments?

For most services we recommend coming in every four to five weeks for best results. Timing may vary depending on your growth cycle and how long you've been waxing or sugaring.

What about Pre and Post hair removal Care?

Hair removal is safe for most skin types, sugaring is best for the most sensitive skins. Since the sugar paste never adheres to live skin cells, only the dead cells will be removed acting as a gentle exfoliation, which is why we ask that you not exfoliate your skin the day before your service. You should also avoid using any creams or lotions on the day of your appointment. Between hair removal appointments it’s important to keep the areas exfoliated and moisturized, although exfoliation should not be done until 24 hours after sugaring or waxing. 

Things to avoid for 24 hours after your appointment:


Scented creams/lotions

Deodorant if you had your underarm hair removed

Heat, such as saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs

Direct sunlight or tanning beds

Perspiration. Let this be your excuse to skip going to the gym!


How often should I get facials?

Facials are recommended every 4-6 weeks, to help aid in the cell turn over process which happens approximately every 30 days. As we age, this cell turn over process slows down, contributing to dull sallow looking skin, fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads, congestion, and coarsely textured skin. Monthly facials assist your body in doing more efficiently what it is"supposed" to do on its own. minimally every season as our skin changes during these times.

What can I expect during a facial treatment?

Facials consist of a cleanse with exfoliation, extractions with a skin analysis, facial and upper body massage, facial mask, and hydration. All facials are uniquely customized to target your specific skincare needs.

Will my skin be red or irritated after my facial?

Slight redness is normal after a facial, especially if you've received a large amount of extractions. Slight irritation may be experienced during these instances, however it should not continue after your facial treatment has been completed. Certain skin types, including those who tend to be more sensitive, may be prone to experiencing more redness post treatment.